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  Beijing Yingkang Food Co.,Ltd is an enterprise which supplies the high-grade service to various hotels,restaurants,supermarkets and so on. For a long time,she has succeeded in coorperation with the primary factories producing food in the nation,she has established a low cost and speedy network which offers food products and formed her own independent creditable and high-grade system for offering various vegetable cans and fruit cans,the dry-vegetable seasonings and non-slaple food. In 1998,she founded her own ZhangZhou Yatai food Co.,Ltd which is concentrated on production and export in ZhangZhou Fujian,a famous land for yielding fruits and vegetable. It offers more creditable guarantee for Beijing Yinkang food Co.,Ltd’s rapid development.The personnal of Beijing Yingkang Food Co.,Ltd value the histroy traditional and welcome the new century’s challenge.Not only she is proud of successful cooperation with more than a houndred famous dietetic travelling merchants such as McDonald’s,Kraft,Roasters,Xiyuan,Meidiya and Beijing,but also she is combident that in the future she will expand the market more bravely,excavate the enterprise potential and do her best to offer high-grade,speedy,cheap and creditable service for the dietetic travelling merchants in Beijing.Beijing Yinkang Food Co,,Ltd toyally promises her clients:credit standing is the enterprise’s dignity,quality is the enterprise’s life.We are the best and we will build the solid and creditable bridge for your dietetic business success.


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